Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jesus Chrysler

I don't really remember much about this one, but the flyer is pretty cool. I think it took place around 1986 or so. The 500 Cafe was one of about a million little clubs that would spring up overnight, last a few shows and then drop off the map. It was located near the Deep Ellum part of Dallas, a place with a very dangerous and seedy reputation at the time. You literally took your life into your hands to go there at night. Later on it got a bit trendy, and the Deep Ellum neighborhood cleaned itself up, sort of like the West End in the downtown area. It still remained a little dangerous, but nothing like it had been in it's early days. It was not unusual in the early to mid eighties for a punk show to get violent and for people to get killed during this period. It was also commonplace to get robbed by a bum while waiting to get in to see a show, or for skinheads to bust up the show.

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