Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ignition and Raided X

I don't remember where I picked up this flyer, but I do remember the show. The Tombstone Factory was originally just that, and old tombstone factory on the East Side of Fort Worth on the bad side of town. It had a notorious reputation for all things indecent, and was owned and managed by a guy named Jerry Warden, who was one of the founding members of the now famous metal band Pantera. The punks couldn't stand him, and only went to his shows because there was no place else at the time that didn't involve a long drive to Dallas (most punks had no car).

At any rate, this show was interesting, even though I had seen Ignition a few nights before in Dallas (I had a car). I remember seeing the guitarist from the English band, Conflict, hanging out in the parking lot. I talked with him for a while, since we were fellow mohicans.

A few of my good friends were in the band Why Am I, and I played roadie for them this night.

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