Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lickity Split

Here is another Axis Club classic, though they played at the Tombstone this night. I went to High School with several of these fellows, and jammed with them fairly regularly. They were a fun group, sort of poppy punk in a DC sort of vein. Their drummer, was about the best drummer in town. Everybody fought over getting him to play for their bands and little pet projects. He even played for my band a few times. He is in a reggae band now, but I haven't really kept up with him. I believe the band he was in before Lickity Split was called Jefferson Golfcart. I never heard them play, if they ever did, but they sure had a cool name!

The band Why Am I were also friends of mine. They were from the Arlington, TX crowd. Their sound was a little more metal than the other guys, with introspective lyrics. I was not the fondest of their musical style, but they were friends and they could play very well. They also put on a good show. Why Am I had a pretty good following in the Arlington, TX area for a while. I believe they broke up when the members went off to college.

The Dragworms... Well I don't remember much about them except that they were loud. I seem to remember them as being somewhat of a noise type band. Sort of like an early Tool.

At any rate these were fun times, at the very end of the hardcore days, just before the grunge takeover. It was always fun to kick those druggie hairball metal-heads out of the Tombstone for a punk rock show.

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